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Thinking in the Nature
Etan Pavavalung
NO. 20190126
Year 2019
Max Size
82 x 242 x 5 cm
Acrylic and paint on wood board
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Etan Pavavalung conveys his care for the land and nature through his creations, trying to raise people's awareness of environmental issues. Thinking in the Nature concerns air pollution in Taiwan and criticizes the destruction of nature caused by human. With its original patterned depiction, Etan Pavavalung expresses the mystery of nature and the texture of the wind. The sustainable values for using natural resources are precious and ancient wisdom passed on by the Taiwanese aborigines. For Payuan people, the thought is mysterious and creative. It implies the reality and the prediction of one's life. Thinking in the Nature means that we should think about how to protect the environment, and accept the care of nature, creating harmony and purity in the wind.