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Eagles and I
Etan Pavavalung
NO. 20160139
Year 2015
Max Size
82 x 62 x 5 cm x 2p
Acrylic and ink on wood carving
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Etan Pavavalung is a member of the Tavadran tribe of the Paiwan people in Sandimen at Pingtung County. His artworks symbolize his emotional ties with his homeland and the living force and memories of the land. Eagles and I is his trace layer carving painting, presenting the textures, stacked patterns, carvings, and colors derived from the traditional aesthetic and artistic styles of his people. The composition integrates unique totems and lines of aboriginal artwork. Fine lines arranged in dense formations and abstract life forms and plants convey the intimate relationship between eagles and aboriginal culture. Habitat destruction has reduced the population of eagles, just as it had eradicated aboriginal culture. Etan Pavavalung uses a harmonious, detailed, and traditionalist style in an attempt to rouse cultural, ecological, and lifestyle awareness while communicating simple and rustic principles of life.