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Travel Writing 05
HSIEH Chi-Chang
NO. 20150101
Year 2014
Max Size
112.5 x 138 x 8.5 cm
Oil, acrylic, ink, charcole and varnish on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
HSIEH Chi-Chang’s Travel Writing series is a collection of works based upon rapid sketches and graffiti that were then incorporated with subconscious visual imageries to investigate links between abstract forms and innermost desires. Travel Writing 05 employed large patches of blue, yellow, and white colors as the main theme that were then allowed to overlap each other to create a joyful rhythm within the composition. Black, geometric shapes were then used in tandem with graffiti-like lines and scribbles, generating lines that appear like geometric equations and formulas used for calculating cardinal coordinates and displacement. HSIEH Chi-Chang employs spontaneous brushstrokes to present the development of time and distance, transforming the rich yet fleeting sensations experienced during his trips into an abstract study of the spiritual self.