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Disappearance of Memories 04
HSIEH Chi-Chang
NO. 20140139
Year 2012
Max Size
112.5 x 94.3 x 6 cm
Oil, acrylic, ink, coffee, charcoal and varnish on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
HSIEH Chi-Chang previously studied in Spain. As time passes by, however, his memories had undergone a transformation. Hsieh used an intuitive approach in order to record this personal metamorphosis in the series titled the Disappearance of Memory. The Disappearance of Memory 04 is a work of abstract visuals. Imaginations and games employed as tools of creation and interpretation. HSIEH Chi-Chang used his memories to construct a reality, documenting it in writing in order to search for other memories. In this picture, an array of brilliant color tones were combined with graffiti and tattered texts to present his innermost desire for freedom and his dreams for soaring into the skies. The pitch black trapezium at the upper portion of the work serves as a final conclusion of utmost peace and serenity to this artistic composition. HSIEH Chi-Chang has identified the intersection between nodes and links between lines to embody his fading memories. Creative energies have been tapped into to create a world where absolute freedom reigns.