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Disappearance of Memories 06
HSIEH Chi-Chang
NO. 20140140
Year 2012
Max Size
113.3 x 94.2 cm
Oil, acrylic, ink, coffee, charcoal and varnish on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
HSIEH Chi-Chang has studied in Spain, and the passing of time as well as his return to Taiwan has altered his memories. The artist thus employed intuitive methods to record his consciousness and sensations, manifesting them within the Disappearance of Memories series. In the Disappearance of Memories 06, abstract visual languages were employed to playfully create and reinterpret his imaginations. Creation is used to identify energy sources that feed his soul. Cool and warm color tones were interlocked, rubbed, dry-brushed, and allowed to flow naturally to create rich layers of brushstrokes and trails. Numbers and geometric lines that appear like measurement readings serve as elements of rationality interspersed within this emotional presentation. HSIEH Chi-Chang aims to locate intersection points and lines in order to outline his disappearing memories, using creative energies to create a truthful self-portrait.