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Lost Memories 05
HSIEH Chi-Chang
NO. 20130069
Year 2011
Max Size
112.3 x 94.2 x 6.5 cm
Oil and acrylic paint, oil pastel, charcol, retouching varnish, ink and coffee on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
HSIEH Chi-Chang, who once studied in Spain, created his Travel Journal series based on his experiences and feelings from living abroad. Recently, following the passage of time, his memories have changed under continued introspection, and he records his personal changes in his Lost Memories series using an intuitive style. With an abstract visual approach and Hsieh’s own intuition, Lost Memories 05 condenses his feelings, memories and experiences in a way that reflects the marks of his inner emotions. The artist exhibits a world of absolute freedom through the power of his work.