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CHEN Ming-Te
NO. 20160171
Year 2015
Max Size
100.5 x 141.5 x 10.5 cm
Hardwood block, acrylic paint and oil paint on synthetic wood board
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Ming-Te focuses on seemingly common features in everyday life. Hut shows a wooden construction displaying the texture of sheet metal buildings. The white window on the sheet metal is based upon common architectural elements in Taiwan. A sheet metal add-on of an old street building is provided within the window frame in the picture; its serving as a reflection on the glass window forms a communicative relationship between sheet metal buildings and the street scenes. Sheet metal is a common, convenient, and ubiquitous architectural material in Taiwan. CHEN Ming-Te attempts to reconstruct this ordinary and unassuming architectural element to create a sense of déjà vu and continuous repetition along with the unfamiliar visual impression at the same time to fellow viewers from Taiwan, giving us a novel perspective to re-interpret and evaluate the city we live in.