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Back Porch
CHEN Ming-Te
NO. 20170066
Year 2015
Max Size
45.5 x 81 x 5 cm
Acrylic on wood board
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Ming-Te often uses the living environment and home-building materials of ordinary Taiwanese people as his creative subjects. “Back Porch” presents the back of houses that one could see everywhere in Taiwanese cities. Unlike the more attractive façade, Taiwanese buildings tend to have less impressive back faces. Layers of different construction materials and textures serve as evidences for repeated renovations, the different lives led by these buildings, as well as the marks of time. CHEN Ming-Te combines the characteristics of different media and painting techniques, piecing them together in an unrestrained approach to recreate familiar structures that correspond to the pursuit of independent development based on the needs of actual building owners in real life.