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Bridge River
CHEN Ming-Te
NO. 20140249
Year 2013
Max Size
48.5 x 112 x 5.5 cm
Oil on canvas mounted panle
Artwork Appreciation
In Bridge River, CHEN Ming-De has illustrated a view across Yijiang Bridge in Taichung. A horizontal composition has been adopted to create the gentle ridges and the rows of housing along the foot of the mountain. The area beyond the ridge is dominated by gray skies that take up more than half of the canvas. The artist believes that the balanced composition and uniform tones creates an atmosphere of peace and comfort upon the canvas while conveying a slight sense of moodiness. To CHEN Ming-De, creation is the simplification and innovation of scenes witnessed by an artist, reimagined using his skills of artistic creation. It is an exploration of the differences between the real and imaginary parts of the world to reinterpret the objects and scenes we witness in everyday life.