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Earth Style- Cushion
CHANG Teng-Yuan
NO. 20140362
Year 2013
Max Size
72.6 x 91.2 x 5 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
CHANG Teng-Yuan is skilled in deriving artistic inspiration from everyday objects, using painting, comic, and animation devices to reflect upon our visual experiences in modern life. The work Earth Style-Cushion is set several thousand years after the end of the world. A humanoid parrot has managed to track down Earth to conduct archaeological studies after receiving a message broadcasted from the planet. Atop the neon green background, the humanoid parrot has mistakenly regarded a pack of puppies of different coats and breeds as cushions to lie upon. A seemingly unrelated table lamp is placed next to them, highlighting the sense of emptiness that exists between the real and imaginary worlds. To CHANG Teng-Yuan, a parrot is only capable of mimicking our actions, and so has copied our actions and behavior as a means of studying the Earth’s civilization. This has led to erroneous judgment of objects that they cannot understand. When creating this artwork, CHANG Teng-Yuan has thought of an end-of-the-world scenario and attempted to introduce various symbols and systems in order to ponder about the possibility of such a scenario. CHANG Teng-Yuan hopes that this work would renew people’s attention to things that they have often neglected or callously tossed aside, and highlight the confusion that characterize this day and age.