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Become a Real Marine People?
Iyo Kacaw
NO. 20180012
Year 2017
Max Size
91 x 217 x 17 cm
Artwork Appreciation
Iyo Kacaw, from Hualien Makuta'ay, conveys the situation of aborigines in contemporary society and the reflection on environmental issues through creating. In the work, Become a Real Marine People?, the warm pieces of wood are connected to each other, stacked in layers, and gradually spread outward. Several square windows are mixed and submerged within. Iyo Kacaw uses the overlapping wood to depict an image of the rise in sea level due to global warming. He tries to explore the future environment for humans: when faced with drastic climate change, all life, culture and history will sink into the sea. In the end, will the generation that pursues traditional culture become real marine people after witnessing this all?