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Variations of the Sea 05
Iyo Kacaw
NO. 20160199
Year 2015
Max Size
132 x 206 x 95 cm
Wood, iron, and stone
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Iyo Kacaw’s Variations of the Sea 05 portrays his emotions towards the sea. The work is constructed with wood, iron, and stone. Several thousand pieces of thin twigs were stacked together to form a hollow cone. The generously extended moving lines and forms simulate the forceful impacts of the waves. An artificial red brick is placed within the wooden construct, symbolizing the tetrapods stacked along the coast. People have established concrete barriers and excessive quantities of tetrapods, causing the oceans to lose their original landscapes and disrupting the natural rhythms and dances of the oceans. Iyo Kacaw has been observing marine ecologies for many years and uses these sculptures to portray the power and beauty of the oceans while attempting to evoke public awareness and contemplation for environmental issues.