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Hands of the World
Iyo Kacaw
NO. 20170013
Year 2015
Max Size
235 x 120 x 120 cm
Wood and iron
Artwork Appreciation
Iyo Kacaw lives in the Makuta’ay (Harbor Tribe) settlement in Hualien and uses his artworks to convey the social realities of Taiwanese aborigines and his deep understanding of environmental issues. “Hands of the World” is a large sculpture created using wood and iron. An inter-twining structure sprouts from the bottom of the work, taking on the appearance of a root and a net at the same time. But what is portrayed is actually the all-encompassing hand of Mother Nature. An independent trunk extends towards the top, tipped by a sprouting seedling. Iyo Kacaw used a story-based narrative and creative symbols to portray the resilience and vitality of nature to inspire people to care more for the natural world and for the lands they live on.