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CHANG Tzu-Ching
NO. 20140037
Year 2013
Max Size
164.5 x 133 x 6 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
Artist CHANG Tzu-Ching considers creation as easy as picking up a flower. She combines her personal emotions with creation and presents her works with repetitive techniques like ceremonies. She paints like a baker squeezing cream. She puts acrylic paints into the bag and controls the spread of paints on the canvas with her hand. Besides, she applies semi-automatic technique to the moving and squeezing of paints. In the image of her work Precipitation, the circles stretching outwards from the center are arranged by the control of force as she squeezes the bag. The image presents the steady dark blue hue and delivers the personal meditation. Through the accumulation of paints, she reminds herself to slow down and review every detail of self for creating better works.