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CHANG Tzu-Ching
NO. 20140038
Year 2013
Max Size
133 x 165 x 6.3 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
The creating technique of artist CHANG Tzu-Ching is to put acrylic paints into the bag and to paint like a baker squeezing cream. With the force of her hands, she controls the arrangement of paints on the canvas. Meanwhile, she applies semi-automatic technique to the moving and squeezing of paints. In her work Colorful, she applies the plasticity of acrylic paints and takes paper tape as the assistant tool. She squeezes paints and has them shaped into thick and dimensional cubes. She also maintains the flowing feature of the paints. Her inspiration of colors comes from cosmetics such as eye shadow, blusher, and loose powder. Through this work, she considers the meaning of cosmetics for modern women. In the creative process, CHANG Tzu-Ching emphasizes the presentation of her personal creative emotions with repetitive ceremonial tempos and captures the unpredictable visual effects.