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Yonder 2
WU Wen-Cheng
NO. 20130208
Year 2012
Max Size
137.2 x 169.3 x 5 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
In his painting Yonder 2, artist WU Wen-Cheng makes ample use of the drip technique to create an abstract painting that displays life’s inner perceptive power with seemingly randomly distributed splotches of color. In this piece, paints of different colors are arbitrarily dripped onto the canvas, while grid-like black lines crisscrossing the image produce an electric-shock-like visual effect. In this piece, Wu attempts to express the power of sudden inner perception. Wu believes that once all external and known subjects are thrown out, perceptive activity will be awakened, and the inner self will open up thriving new pathways, moving and reassembling with abandon, allowing the self to proliferate anew. Wu tries to express this state of consciousness using fluid colors, creating an inorganic scene imbued with the power of life.