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The Other Side 7
WU Wen-Cheng
NO. 20140024
Year 2013
Max Size
137 x 137 x 4.9 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
When as an artist WU Wen-Cheng started out in the field of abstract art, in the process of abandoning representative painting he explores the nature of painting itself. In The Other Side 7, WU Wen-Cheng uses ""automatic"" technique to a great extent, seemingly applying color in a spontaneous manner to produce an abstract image with the energy to perceive life from the inside. Each color in the painting is randomly thrown and dripped onto the canvass, and there are black lines that run throughout, colliding with each other like electric currents with visual results reminiscent of lighting bolts. Here the artist tries to express the power of an inner perception to suddenly burst forth to the surface. WU Wen-Cheng believes that once all ""outer"" and all ""known"" elements are cast aside, the faculty of ""perception"" will be activated and awakened, the ego will open up a vigorous pathway, reorganize without any restraints and create anew. WU Wen-Cheng attempts to express this state of mind with flowing, liquid color to create an inorganic scene that is pregnant with a life force.