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Old Man and Dog
NO. 20180218
Year 2018
Max Size
32 x 32 x 30 cm
Ceramics, plastic bricks and toys on painted tray
Artwork Appreciation
YEH Yi-Li's sculpture, Old Man and Dog, reorganizes the beautiful scenes in memory into potted plant landscaping in the work. The tree-shaped potted plants with ink painting landscapes echo the old man wearing a hat and the toy puppy, and the pavilion-shaped blocks form a poetic landscape. These readymade objects are the language of the era that YEH Yi-Li tries to add in with traditional ceramic materials. Through taking the existing form of these readymade objects, they naturally become a part of the shape of the work, and at the same time, have a game-like stacking process. YEH Yi-Li tries to capture the illusory passage of time between nature, objects, and people through a scene of splitting time and space.