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Extinct Today South Pole and North Pole 3
NO. 20160215
Year 2015
Max Size
37 x 39 x 26.5 cm
Ceramics, plastic bricks and toys
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
YEH Yi-Li’s creations often adopt mass culture as inspiration in her artistic explorations. Extinct Today South Pole and North Pole 3 is an icy landscape made of porcelain, featuring a glacier created using enamel as well as a penguin and polar bear assembled with toy bricks. It is an imaginary natural landscape created with the reassembly of wonderful scenes stored in her memory. To YEH Yi-Li, wonderful images in mind contradict reality and provide a safe refuge. The landscape frozen in time is assembled from various elements in an attempt to capture the ephemeral moments of nature, objects, and people and also as a reminiscence of the past.