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Can Not Resist American POP
NO. 20180216
Year 2018
Max Size
26 x 43 x 15 cm
Ceramics, plastic bricks and toys
Artwork Appreciation
YEH Yi-Li’s sculpture, Can Not Resist American POP, reorganizes the beautiful scenes in memory into potted plant landscaping in the work. On the tree-shaped potted plants, there are the models of McDonald's, superman, and animal-shaped Lego blocks. These readymade objects are the language of the era that she tries to add in with traditional ceramic materials. Through taking the existing form of these readymade objects, they naturally become a part of the shape of the work, and at the same time, have a game-like stacking process. These once existing wonderful sceneries create a splitting contrast with the reality, becoming unrealistic. YEH Yi-Li tries to reorganize the scenes frozen by time, forming a scene of splitting time and space in an attempt to capture the illusory passage of time between nature, objects, and people.