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A Serene Night
NO. 20140086
Year 2006
Max Size
125 x 125 x 5 cm
Gouache and mineral pigments on paper
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
HSIEH Yi-Shan studied Eastern gouache at Tunghai University, and she chose her familiar scenes as the themes of sketches. The work A Serene Night is her creation re-composed in her mind after she visits the forest at night and keeps the deep impression. In the work, there is an abundant ecology in the forest. The feeble light in the night forest makes the vision more imaginary. Broad blue blocks serve as the background of the image for creating the tranquil atmosphere. There are lots of little flower and grass in the night forest. They show their vigorous appearances in the darkness. The elegant fragrance spreads in the night sky. HSIEH Yi-Shan depicts the appearances of flower and grass with detailed strokes and makes them present abundant layers of beauty. This work conveys a beautiful world symbolizing tranquility, peace, and purity which is admirable for audiences.