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The Forest
NO. 20140084
Year 2002
Max Size
212.8 x 103 x 4 cm
Gouache and mineral pigments on paper
Artwork Appreciation
HSIEH Yi-Shan studied Eastern gouache at Tunghai University, and she chose her familiar scenes as the themes of sketches. There was a broad Taiwan acacia forest in the campus, and the various appearances of the forest became one of her painting themes. HSIEH Yi-Shan follows the spirits of Northern Song dynasty ink painters who imitated the natural environment. She changes the colors of objects with the changes of the space and environment for illustrating various seasons and climates. At the same time, she also presents her mental feelings toward the landscape she sees. In the work The Forest, there are several trees wavering along with the wind. The inspiring gestures are attractive. The yellow leaves are full of vigor and reveal the cool atmosphere in fall. The tall trunks of the trees almost reach the sky. The different heights of trees and their movements toward each other show the spectacular force of the broad forest. Through the realistic sketch, HSIEH Yi-Shan experiences the texture and changes of the natural environment.