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The Pinus
NO. 20140085
Year 2001
Max Size
96.2 x 133.2 x 5.4 cm
Gouache, silver foil and charcol on paper
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
HSIEH Yi-Shan studied Eastern gouache at Tunghai University, and she chose her familiar scenes as the themes of sketches. Her work The Pinus is depicting the beautiful and secret place full of pine trees in the campus. HSIEH Yi-Shan usually takes a walk along the path. In a cool morning, she wanders to the forest where seldom people visit. She appreciates the pine forest obscure amid the morning mist. The sunshine shines on the treetop and trunk. There are white railings in the distance. She sketches the image with charcoal stick and then presents the texture of pine trunk with silver foil and mineral paint. She captures the source of light and the light and shadow among the forest. The image gets integrated with the nature through the light and shadow. Through the painting, the artist follows the spirits of Northern Song dynasty ink painters who imitated the natural environment and presents her mental feelings toward the landscape she sees. Through the realistic sketch, HSIEH Yi-Shan experiences the texture and changes of the natural environment.