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Mr. Bill Gates Said, “Windows 7, Simplify the Complicated.”
CHOU Tai-Chun
NO. 20160228
Year 2010
Max Size
194 x 130 x 5 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
CHOU Tai-Chun focuses upon issues caused by questionable realism in an age of rapidly advancing digital and media technologies. Mr. Bill Gates said, “Windows 7, Simplify the Complicated.” The artist used the classical desktop background of the blue skies and green meadows provided by the Microsoft operating system and artistically processed it to form a pixelated visage. Character images from shooting games as well as a silhouette of a person swinging a golf club are inserted into the painting, just like an imaginary scene of real life. CHOU Tai-Chun made use of an artistic technique to create a mis-matched montage of virtual and physical items to respond to the compressed and flattening world in the age of globalization.