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Beyond the Silence 023 – One More Splash
CHOU Tai-Chun
NO. 20180026
Year 2015
Max Size
133.8 x 198 x 5.5 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
CHOU Tai-Chun continues to pay attention to the topic of "interface". Under the report from the media and the interface between the real and the virtual world, he believes that people need to think about what defines truth. The work, Beyond the Silence 023 –– One more Splash, is based on the land that is no longer stable after the earthquake in Taiwan, the fake news, the long news hours, and the ever-growing image fragments in the online world. In the picture, a building damaged by the disaster is assembled with different texture blocks. Bare steel bars are exposed, and the walls are slanted and covered with traces from the erosion of the stone mud. This scene may be what we see as the real world through the "interface" every day. CHOU Tai-Chun tries to reflect on the invisible violence between message transmission and reception, and the reality that the world is compressed in a virtual space.