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Life Stream No.2
NO. 20150058
Oil Painting
Year 2015
Max Size
102 x 102 x 6.5 cm
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
CHUANG Wo-Lung is skilled in using spatial and color constructs to convey different phases of transitional states in life. In Life Stream No. 2, contrasting colors overlap to form montages, like confetti that have been used as mosaic tiles to create an assemblage of transforming space. The resulting composition can be interpreted in a number of ways. Even distribution of color patches create a work that presents a brilliant, free, yet orderly rhythm. CHUANG Wo-Lung believes that changing space and color is like an outdoor space that is continuously changing. The creative process therefore used displacement and reassembly of color patches to integrate various emotions, memories, and residual images in an attempt to seek personal orientation and adaptation in an increasingly complex living experience.