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Golden Egg
TSUI Yung-Yen
NO. 20130299
Year 2012
Max Size
61 x 31.9 x 26.5 cm
Painted FRP and stainless steel
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Artist CUEI Yong-Yan also publishes picture books apart from painting and sculpture. Her creation of “The Circus of Den-Den-Ciao-Jean” is formed by a group of dwarves who could not blend in with reality but live in the world of fantasy. These dwarves live in the illusionary and fun circus with life depending on unprofessional performance. The “Golden Egg” is a character of the circus. He avoids eye contact with the audience, looking down to the ground without any confidence and stepping on the golden egg in timidity. The artist reflects the discontent and doubts for the reality to the audience through this work, which also corresponds to us living in loopholes with attempt to escape from the reality.