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LIN Chun-Ju
NO. 20140154
Year 2013
Max Size
108.2 x 128 x 6 cm
Oil on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
LIN Chun-Ju has studied in Spain, and her experiences allowed her to introduce elements of colorful fantasies and rich imaginations into her work. Lin is skilled in creating large sculptures using fiber to depict forms of life that does not exist. Recently, she has taken up the brush to create light hearted artworks. In Hiding, apple-green background forms a perfect backdrop to black stony outcrops that resembles those depicted in traditional Chinese landscape Shanshui paintings. Strange organisms reveal their heads from behind these rocks, while red-colored vine-like growths are sprawling across the rocks. This combination of Shanshui elements and alien organisms cleverly integrates light-hearted comical elements within traditional Chinese painting. In this work, LIN Chun-Ju narrates her steadfast belief and passion for life as well as a touch of emotion that is common to all of us.