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Molecular Machinery Specimens
NO. 20140418
Year 2010
Max Size
130 x 70 x 80 cm
Painted FRP, aluminium alloy, and iron plate
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Lan-Ya has plenty of experiences working in art villages in Taiwan and other countries and have published environmental artworks of different themes in many places as well. She is skilled in using heat molded resin and organic life form as her primary creative media to create works that expresses her personal emotions, life experiences, and memory. In Molecular Machinery Specimens, bright colors and cellular forms were used to create biological life forms. Floating above the ground surface are brightly colored and blossoms created by a melt gun. HUANG Lan-Ya’s molded installation works are like teeming natural flora growing in a harmonious ecosystem, leading the viewers into a natural ecology filled brimming with biological energies.