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Fractal Garden
NO. 20160181
Year 2010
Max Size
120.5 x 180 x 10.5 cm
Paint on aluminum alloys, FRP, iron
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Lan-Ya’s Fractal Garden is one of her works developed using “fractals” as an element. In the natural world, “fractal” refers to materials or beings that exist in the form of similar patterns at increasingly small scales. The strongly, brilliantly, and beautifully colored organic forms expand outwards from the center, creating a detailed yet intricate pattern and achieving wondrously harmonious and serene visuals like leaf veins, blood vessels, and nerve threads in biological forms. Fractals are external expressions of inner life and carry the creator’s emotions and expectations. HUANG Lan-Ya uses these works to convey the diverse possibilities of life and to investigate the truth and complexities behind external things.