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Generation of Weakness: Nuts in Garden
CHEN Yen-Chih
NO. 20160253
Year 2015
Max Size
74 x 92.3 x 6.3 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Yen-Chih’s Generation of Weakness: Nuts in Garden conveys the insecurity, fatigue, and powerlessness of life in modern society. A seemingly ordinary urban theme is filled with a sense of lethargy and dilapidation. The house in the center contains the shape of an island referring to Taiwan, symbolizing the insecurity and absurdity of life on this island. The cross at the center of the island represents a silent eulogy and blessing dedicated to the region. Various absurd behaviors in the garden refer to the unending events of chaos occurring in the society. CHEN Yen-Chih uses an analogy of symbols and icons to construct a virtual and surreal theme of isolation and to describe the state of modern individuals when facing anxiety, and restriction in surroundings.