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Generation of Weakness: Mind-numbing
CHEN Yen-Chih
NO. 20160254
Year 2013
Max Size
51 x 66.5 x 6 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Yen-Chih’s Generation of Weakness: Mind-numbing conveys the insecurity, fatigue, and powerlessness of life in modern society. Depicted is a seemingly ordinary urban theme filled with a sense of lethargy and dilapidation with an oddly colored sky and an abandoned building. Many individuals in uniform are clambering in pain. The work symbolizes the twisting and loss of mental health under a purple-colored, bizarre, and confusing state of being, and serves as an analogy of people engaged in strange activities after losing their rationality. CHEN Yen-Chih uses an analogy of symbols and icons to construct a virtual and surreal theme of isolation and describe state of modern individuals when facing anxiety, and restriction in surroundings.