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Peripheral Vision
CHEN Yen-Ping
NO. 20180053
Year 2016
Max Size
134.5 x 166 x 4 cm
Oil , paper and beaded stream on cotton on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Yen-Ping's work, Peripheral Vision, explores the fading and rebirth of life through the experience of an accidental visit to a ruin. He uses bleach as paint, applying and spraying it on a dark cloth to create marks of erosion and abrasion. The black background seems like nighttime or the sky of the universe. The various abstract geometric lines and texture blocks are like stars, buildings, land, and other imaginary symbols. The beads sewn on the canvas link to the emotions of his family handicraft industry. CHEN Yen-Ping creates an illusory time and space that connect the illusion with real materials, as if the future and the past can be spontaneously shuttled between. All things and lives also undergo a cycle of decline and rebirth.