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Death, Parallel Spaces and Dreams
CHEN Yen-Ping
NO. 20180191
Year 2017
Max Size
76.5 x 95 x 4 cm
Acrylic, bleach, aluminum sheet and beaded stream on cotton on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Yen-Ping’s creation attempts to explore the feelings of the fading and rebirth of life as well as the process of self-reflection. In the work, Death, Parallel Spaces and Dreams, he uses bleach as the medium, and through its erosive nature, creates traces of the corrosion. The various abstract geometric shapes dispersed in the picture create a space like parallel universe, so that you and I, who are in different space coordinates can also be connected with each other. The beads sewn on the canvas link together the emotions of a family handicraft industry as well as the illusory space of illusions and real materials. CHEN Yen-Ping creates a ruin that seems to be constructed through digital codes, transforming into a sleepwalker and walking in the illusion of the subconscious mind to guide viewers into a world of illusions.