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Nutrients of Breathing
Etan Pavavalung
NO. 20130173
Year 2013
Max Size
124.7 x 95 x 4.7 cm
Wood carving with acrylic and printing colour
Artwork Appreciation
Etan, Pavavalung was born in the Dawalan Settlement of Paiwan Tribe in Pingtung County. He has been affected by a family of crafts and is familiar with the traditional techniques and humanistic spirit of Paiwan. When Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan with serious flood in 2009, the tribal people were forced to move away from their home and live into the permanent housing on hillside. Etan, Pavavalung reconsidered the relationship between the land and people during the process of rebuilding home. He was inspired by the living scenes of his hometown and the words from the seniors. He has developed new creativity style, known as “vecik painting.” He first carves out fine lines and patterns on the wood, and then uses acrylic colors to paint colors of personal preference in multiple layers. The painting symbolizes the origin of life through simple figures and extends the aesthetics concepts of the tribal people. The artist takes the profound emotion of nostalgia for hometown and injects the power and dreams of rebuilding hometown after the disasters.