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TU Wei-Cheng
NO. 20190073
Year 2008
Max Size
70 x 80 x 20 cm
Painted artificial stone
Artwork Appreciation
TU Wei-Cheng fabricates a historical event based on modern technology and information culture, he applies archeological mechanisms, site simulations, media operations, introduction of false reports, forms museums exhibition guides, and merchandise event designs to make up “Ruins of Bunum Civilization.” He addresses the issue of cultural fusion through the misplacement of time and space, conducting large-scale production and imagination meanwhile indicating social phenomena and the significance of the times. BM0803 is made of artificial stone, it’s carved as an African mask, with two mice as the ornamental eyes, and the forehead is shaped into a webcam and linked to 8 different heads, which indicate multiple identities for one man on the internet.