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No.BM1022 Stone
TU Wei-Cheng
NO. 20190074
Year 2009
Max Size
63 x 34 x 14 cm
Painted artificial stone
Artwork Appreciation
TU Wei-Cheng fabricates a large number of pseudo-historical relics, and created the “Bunum Civilization”. The work NO. BM1022 Stone is a sculpture made of artificial stone in Indian Moses Shamatini style. Makti belongs to the tribe of the Bunum Civilization. The eight arms symbolize powerful divine power, holding a mouse, an electric joystick, and a disc, one of the hands is holding the humanoid figure of anxiety, standing on the beast of solitude. This exquisite, intricate work is one of the representative relics of Bunum Civilization. The action of beast slaughter, is used to show how computers expel people’s loneliness and anxiety