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  •º3 [9ch. ver.] Picture,Total:3
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Works by the Artist
Other Works(°2a [Diagram],°2b [Hex Binary-raw data])
Other Works( [N°1a- π], [N°1b- γ], [N°1c- e], [N°1d- φ])º3 [9ch. ver.]
NO. 20170051
Year 2014
Max Size
Nine-channel video (colour, silent) by computer programes
Artwork Appreciation
CHANG Yung-Ta’s new media video installation artwork “º3 [9ch. ver.]” is the second part of the Seen/Unseen program. The artwork attempts to explore the relationship between information, data, and sensory awareness, and made use of 9 methods to display images generated by computer programs and algorithms. All the raw data include records from more than a thousand observation stations during the March 11 Tohoku earthquake in Japan, including longitudes, latitudes, time, amplitude, and scale. These seemingly abstract and meaningless data are in fact closer to the truth than the information provided by the news. CHANG Yung-Ta removes sound and actual visual elements and uses the abstract structure of codes to reconsider the relationships between human sensation and external information.