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  • [N°1a- π], [N°1b- γ], [N°1c- e], [N°1d- φ] Picture No.1,Total:5
  • [N°1a- π], [N°1b- γ], [N°1c- e], [N°1d- φ] Picture No.2,Total:5
  • [N°1a- π], [N°1b- γ], [N°1c- e], [N°1d- φ] Picture No.3,Total:5
  • [N°1a- π], [N°1b- γ], [N°1c- e], [N°1d- φ] Picture No.4,Total:5
  • [N°1a- π], [N°1b- γ], [N°1c- e], [N°1d- φ] Picture No.5,Total:5
Works by the Artist
Other Works(º3 [9ch. ver.])
Other Works(°2a [Diagram],°2b [Hex Binary-raw data]) [N°1a- π], [N°1b- γ], [N°1c- e], [N°1d- φ]
NO. 20160034
Year 2013
Max Size
8.4 x 73 x 3.5 cm x 4p
Digital print with aluminum mounted
Artwork Appreciation
CHANG Yung-Ta’s panel video work series is the second part of the video and audio installation artwork of Seen/Unseen that investigates sensory relationships between the body and information or data after the March 11th Tohoku earthquake. is mainly composed of QR Code imageries to convert mathematical constants of π, γ, e, φ often used in seismic and sound wave formulas. While images may look different due to the viewer’s personal interpretations, mathematical constants will stay the same no matter the type of computer used. By reaching the maximum content load of a QR Code, the artist has created a scenario where a state of being can be seen, but never in its completion.