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Xeroxed Destinations series - America, Europe, Asia
NO. 20170011
Year 2014
Max Size
Three-channel video (colour, silent)
Artwork Appreciation
WANG Po-Yen uses computer animation as the primary medium of creation, generating works that focus on the nature and malleability of digital animation to explore hidden messages and fantasies offered by digital images. The work “Xeroxed Destination Series – America, Europe, Asia” is a video installation artwork with 3 channels. The most popular destinations marketed by the tourism industry in America, Europe, and Asia undergo a series of copy-pasting and re-assembly to generate compositions that appear like giant industrial gears and cogwheels churning in a mechanical fashion. The word Xeroxed in the title also refers to the miniaturized and mass-produced souvenirs offered in the gift shops of these destinations. In a time of consumerism, famous landmarks have lost their cultural essence and became a mere profiteering tool under the luxurious yet superficial façade of the tourism industry.