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NO. 20200125
Year 2018
Max Size
Two-channel video (colour, sound)
Artwork Appreciation
Wang Po-Yen, a new media artist living in New York, uses mainly 3D animation as his creative medium. His Crossing is a two-channel animation work that he created while studying in the United States. The images in this work are each scenes on the left and right, and all of them are living rooms in the Oriental or Western style. The living rooms are furnished with different styles of tables, chairs, sofas, potted plants, and windows. As time goes on, the artificial sunlight, as calculated by the software, slowly enters the living rooms on one side, and gradually passes through both living rooms, brightening the furniture and other things in the spaces, and we can discover that there are many similarities between them. Wang Po-Yen uses computer graphics to reproduce the spaces where people gather, but in an alternate space; he ponders the differences between Eastern and Western cultures and the meaning of coexistence. In the atmosphere of daily life, he presents modern fables about the soul and spirit in a concise yet profound way.