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Not There II
WU Yu-Jou
NO. 20170019
Year 2015
Max Size
59.2 x 77.7 x 4.4 cm
Screen print with puff additive on Canvas
Artwork Appreciation
WU Yu-Jou uses photographic images to create links to the past, stir memories, and convey her perspectives on “routine daily tasks”. “Not There II” is a montage of scenes and people of different times. By combining scenes and people, she was able to create a familiar yet virtual setting and memory. The photographic montage was then printed using a bubble jet printer where bumps on the image surface were deliberately enlarged to surround the people within the artwork. The image shown in the composition was based on actual everyday activities, but the deliberately blurred montage creates a rift between the viewer and the art work, initiating a discussion on the truth of memories and realities.