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Home Made Landscapes II
WU Yu-Jou
NO. 20150260
Year 2013
Max Size
70 x 140 x 2.5 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
WU Yu-Jou’s Landscapes of The Scenery of the Hometown II reflects upon how people coexist with nature. Rectangular patches of green, yellow, and gray were stacked upon each other to create an abstract composition of cool color tones. These brightly colored patches with sharp, distinct edges represent ever-changing buildings that forever transform the once serene plains of grass. Flowing white lines heighten the instability of the entire work, while the division of the composition into left and right portions symbolizes the drastic changes that occur after the destruction of the natural landscape. WU Yu-Jou generated an abstract artwork to show the prosperous co-existence of humans and nature while reflecting upon the seeds of destruction sown upon this seemingly beautiful landscape.