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The Mysterious Place
LIU Ching-Chang
NO. 20140546
Year 2013
Max Size
108.6 x 138.6 x 5.2 cm
Printing ink on polyester
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
LIU Ching-Chang is skilled in creating photographic montages and compositions. Computer digital art techniques were employed to assemble large numbers of photographic elements to generate surreal atmospheres. The Mysterious Place depicts a massive maze decorated with loud and conflicting street graffiti and artworks composed using digital illustration techniques in order to symbolize the human dilemmas of confusion and problem solving. The artist believes that key to solving any puzzle lies within oneself. Hope and determination are needed to find the exit of the maze that represents our lives. LIU Ching-Chang’s works not only incorporate the latest media technology with graphic designs, also successfully construct the innermost world of the modern individual.