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Happy Farm
LIU Ching-Chang
NO. 20140545
Year 2012
Max Size
108.4 x 138.4 x 5.2 cm
Printing ink on polyester
Artwork Appreciation
LIU Ching-Chang is skilled in creating photographic montages and compositions. Computer digital art techniques were employed to assemble large numbers of photographic elements to generate surreal atmospheres. Happy Farm depicts an acre of farmland within a densely populated urban area surrounded by towering city blocks. While the water tower in the picture may serve as the symbol of authority in the downtown area, it is considered a key and necessary resource for the rustic farmlands depicted in the picture. The artwork shows the conflicting interest over land between city buildings and farmlands as well as the subsequent impact of these struggles upon the environment. The artist wishes that the artwork is able to illustrate the need to protect, care, and support existing city farms as well as highlighting the need to protect underprivileged members of our society.