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Crumpled Memory
SHIEH Hong-Juin
NO. 20180080
Year 2016
Max Size
18 x 360 x 18 cm
Manuscript, epoxy resin and LED lamp
Artwork Appreciation
HSIEH Hong-Juin is an important artist who pays attention to women's issues in Taiwan. Her involvement in ideology and creation continues to create thought development on “feminine space”. In the work, Crumpled Memory, the overlapping sheets of paper are the manuscripts and sketches that the artist herself has created in the past. They are copied, soaked in chemicals, and then illuminated through light, so that the works have a three-dimensional and translucent glowing effect. These works have become part of her memory. HSIEH Hong-Juin tries to let these words and images talk to each other in another form. At the same time, it also allows the viewers to have a glimpse of the thought, scrutinized details, and unspoken story behind the images.