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Good Morning, Yesterday!!
NO. 20140110
Year 2011
Max Size
49 x 57 x 7 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Artist CHEN Yan-Ru’s work conveys the tranquility of extreme silence. He is good at taking images such as mountains, sky, land, and sea as the reflection of his mental sorrowful landscape. In his work Good Morning, Yesterday!!, the center of the image is a floating island piled up by spots. Behind the island is the infinite sky. The obscure blue sky and the sparse stars imply it is not yet dawn. The dark blue block symbolizes the silently flowing sea. The artist composes the levels of the image with abundant and changeable colors and makes the work look like a tranquil landscape painting and an abstract painting with splendid colors. CHEN Yan-Ru’s brush can turn the concrete landscape into abstract geometric symbols. Each stroke and color block implies the childhood memory and nostalgia in his mind. It is also what his mental emotions depend on.