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True Inherent-1001
HSU Hsin-Wen
NO. 20160162
Year 2016
Max Size
97 x 59 x 10 cm x 3p
Pencil on wood board
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
HSU Hsin-Wen is skilled at using everyday items as artistic media in an attempt to initiate dialog between people and the spatial environment. True Inherent – 1001 is based on 1,001 pencils just like the one thousand and one Arabian Nights. The pencils are threaded together to form a magic carpet carrying dreams to the sky. Pencils are cut into different lengths and then re-assembled using different formations to provide the viewer with various visual fantasies. Some arrangements include sharp and conflicting tensions, while other layouts generate a gentle whisper. HSU Hsin-Wen attempts to manifest abstract sensations to recreate the true inner essence of events and objects.