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Up and Down
HSU Hsin-Wen
NO. 20140345
Year 2012
Max Size
100 x 120 x 120 cm
Iron and pencils on pedestal
Artwork Appreciation
HSU Hsin-Wen has 20 years of experience in design work and has worked as a cartoon animation composition artist as well as an art editor for printed media. She once returned to school in order to review studying issues her son was going through and chanced upon the field of mixed media, and her professional experiences immediately kicked in to reignite her creative energies. HSU Hsin-Wen’s works are often compositions of actual objects expressing her concerns as well as attempts to explore memories of human populations and groups. In Up and Down, a large number of white hexagonal pencils were neatly arranged into the shape of an iron, forming an interesting dialog with an actual iron beside it. Another group of similar pencils lie in a heap on the ground, creating the visual conflict and impact. By using this metaphorical representation, HSU Hsin-Wen investigates the phenomenon and value behind academic competition in our society. HSU Hsin-Wen taps into memories associated with mundane items and metaphorical and abstract languages, initiating a dialog between individuals and their spatial environments to recreate the nature of truth.