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Marvelous Shack Complex
TSAI Yi-Chieh
NO. 20150277
Year 2014
Max Size
61 x 91 x 2.8 cm x 3p
Acrylic on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
TSAI Yi-Chieh’s Marvelous Shack Complex is focused upon the unique landscapes of container houses and attempts to recreate the coziness they provide. The composition shows container houses stacked upon each other in a disorderly fashion. Windows and doors were left blank or filled with wonderful landscapes. The scene surrounding the container houses, on the other hand, were replaced by monotonous colors. Modern urban dwellers dream about having a home and fine landscape, but the process of development faces conflicting interests posed by environment conservation. Captured imageries were used to convey the coexistence and conflicts between natural environments and living areas in the age of consumerism.